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So what exactly is Medical Intuition?  What do we do when we meditate with the spirits of the plants?  How does all of this mystical stuff work?

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Medical Intuition

"Medical Intuition is defined as a system of expanded perception gained through the development of the human sense of intuition.  It is part of the emerging field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and focuses on intuitive scanning to obtain information from both the body and the energy systems (Biofield) for health and wellbeing."- Wendie Colter, The Practical Path Medical Intuitive Teacher


I can do a reading in person or online and all that is required of you is an open mind and a pen and paper to take notes.  It is continuously shown to be beneficial for my clients and we are able to access information that I could not just receive through my traditional Nutrition and Herbalist training.  It gives a baseline of where to begin and other tools can be implemented with clearer guidance that is very personalized.

Plant Spirit Meditations

In shamanism, everything has a spirit.  The plants can guide us in using their medicine for healing, they can assists us in self-healing and they can teach us about their medicine by simply spending time with them.  Sitting with a cup of herbal tea, or spending time with the plant itself can be powerful in so many ways and a relationship can be created with the plants that is unique and beneficial for daily living.

I channel meditations that guide us through a journey to meet, connect and communicate with your plant of choice if we are gathering online or the same plant if we are in person.  They can be range from simple and sweet to extremely profound and deep.  No matter what the experience, shifting of personal consciousness always takes place.

Vitalist Herbalist

A vitalist herbalist is someone who looks at the entire picture of what's going on with the person.  We treat the root causes, we look at everything from a holistic standpoint and address each individual uniquely.

I am trained as a Vitalist Herbal Practitioner, studying under Rosemary Gladstar, Sajah Popham, Matthew Wood and Karyn Sanders.  I combine Ayurvedic principles with Chinese medicinal food to help personalize the protocols as well as integrating connection to the self, nature and others for healing on many levels.