Who am I?

My name is Haylee LaCroix, I am a Holistic Nutritionist, Herbalist, Therapeutic Chef and Cacao Enthusiast.  I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition and Food Science from the University of Vermont and am a lifelong student of herbalism, energy healing, and alternative medicine.


What is a Holistic Nutritionist?

A Holistic Nutritionist is someone who integrates many aspects of healing into every protocol.  I work with my clientelle through utilizing my knowledge of ancient traditions, such as Ayurvedic and Chinese  and Western Herbalism.  I also integrate energy healing and Medical Intuitive guidance to gain a deeper understanding of what's going on in the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.  I pull on my Nutrition knowledge to create a balanced approach between many systems, providing a holistic way of guiding and healing others.


What is a Therapeutic Chef?

Similar to above, I integrate all of my training with alternative medicine as well as Western education to create a holistic menu that is more based on therapeutic benefits to heal the body and mind.  I use my energy healing to "charge" the food, so what everyone is consuming is bringing about healing on many levels.


What are Herbal Products?

Herbal products are a way to share medicine with my clients and the world.  They are either generically created for the public, or personalized to my client, based on what their body specifically requires.  Based on the person making the remedies, the combinations of herbs will vary as well as the energetics of the product.  My advice is to look for someone who pays attention to ingredient sourcing and buy from those of which you resonate with, because their energy is present in what they are making.  The herbal products I make are organic and made according to astrological occurrences which enhance the potency of the remedy.  I also make my blends with prayer and integrate Reiki into whatever I make, so the energy is powerful within them.



I believe that everything we need to thrive is available to us naturally from this planet. All we need to do is learn how to use what is given us and what is right for our bodies.

I express myself through food and herbal medicine and share nature's gifts to support others on their unique healing journeys. 

 My purpose is to share my knowledge, wisdom and gifts in health, healing, magic, plants, cooking, and cacao to better the lives of myself and others.


My Story:

In 2007, my body began to reject a lot of foods that I was used to eating. After visiting doctor after doctor, they said everything was normal and healthy, and I definitely wasn’t.  I knew my body enough where I felt far from “normal”. My brain was foggy, my memory was fleeting, my digestion was blocked for days and my moods were all over the place. I was far from who I knew myself to be and there was no way I was going to take that as being the new normal.  I began to resonate with and find solace in traditional healing methods and alternative medicine. It’s what made sense to me and is the only thing that has brought me even close to who I know my core self to be.

 I quickly discovered Western Doctors couldn't help me, so I decided to self-heal and seek out alternative practitioners, putting me directly on the path I'm on now with a deep passion to help guide others toward understanding how to heal themselves through food, herbs and lifestyle.​  

I self-studied Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine as well as Western Herbalism and became certified in Energy Medicine, Massage Therapy, and Reiki.  I quickly discovered how diet, energy work, and meditation greatly improved my health and well-being.​ I also realized how self-healing is an all-encompassing integrative approach of many modalities, not just one.  This empowered me to start educating others on what I learned, because I soon realized the commonality amongst our search for truth.

More often than not, those put on the alternative medicine journey have a story of the inability to be helped and guided by the allopathic medicine approach.

In 2011, I moved across the country, from Vermont to California to become immersed in health and alternative medicine. I became friends with a professional snowboarder who survived a traumatic brain injury in 2009 while training for the Olympics; his name is Kevin Pearce. I began to share the power of self-healing with Kevin and explored how to heal a brain that has experienced trauma.  I furthered my studies with how to help those that feel disconnected from their "true" selves. To help those that know there's a part of themselves they aren't accessing and wonder where it has gone.​ Not only can I relate to this experience, but he could too.

Living with Kevin is where my story related to that of  TBI survivors and the connection between both of our paths of self-healing by not relying on the limitations of beliefs put onto us from the Doctors we saw or lack of guidance from them.

​When the Love Your Brain Foundation was created by Kevin’s brother, Adam Pearce, I was asked to be their Chef, Nutritionist and Herbalist at their annual retreat in Vermont. Since 2013, we have prepared meals for 30-60 brain injury survivors at the Love Your Brain retreat, teaching them how to incorporate organic, brain-specific meals, snacks, and drinks. We have now expanded to 4 retreats a year on the East and West Coast, and will continue growing the retreats to help impact the lives of many.  ​

My path became clear after seeing the transformation within the ones that attended the retreats and I realized the need for nutritional knowledge and healing food was extremely important.  We aren't taught how to properly take care of our individual bodies and ailments. This is what I'm here for.

In 2015, I was blessed to spend a summer on Sage Mountain in Vermont where I studied with the "Godmother of Herbalism"; Rosemary Gladstar.  This is where I was taught to harvest plants with prayer, make herbal medicine formulas, and meditate with plants to learn their wisdom. I incorporate these transformative teachings into my life  and am a committed student of herbalism for life.

Our greatest teachers are the plants; spending time with them will help bring our Spirits back and heal us on levels we couldn’t fathom.  I have bared witness to so much transformation through working intimately with plants, which is why this plays an integral role in my holistic approach with my clients and in my personal life.

​I have found my balance with food, lifestyle and mindset and I feel it's time to guide others in their recovery and to help them find their balance.  My passion is helping guide those who need help getting back on their feet; whom of which feel disconnected to their best selves. Working with Kevin and the LoveYourBrain community has created a very special place in my heart for those with a TBI and I am excited to continue working with and be in the service of all of those in need; TBI or not.

I believe we can heal more than we are told and am committed to doing the best I can to get my clients back to 'themselves'.



Currently, I spend my time as a Therapeutic Chef, an Herbalist, Educator and a Cacao Meditation leader in Southern California, Northern California and Vermont. I am the Head Chef and Nutrition Educator for the retreats for the LoveYourBrain Foundation.   I also enjoy creating herbal products and guiding individuals to a place of love with the Spirit of herbs and, especially, cacao.

Learn more at eyeofraw.com


Come join me in a Cacao Meditation, class or reach out for herbal and cooking advice, or even to just say hi!


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I can generally be found bouncing between CA and VT
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