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As a Therapeutic Chef for retreats, I provide meals based on brain, gut and heart-specific ingredients.  I incorporate guidance on how to eat mindfully as well as education on the importance of incorporating the food provided.  I believe that food is medicine and if used with proper guidance and preparation, it can heal and prevent many physical and emotional problems.

My specialties are, but not limited to, traumatic brain injury support, cancer support and women's support.  I focus on anti-inflammatory foods and based on the nature of the retreat, my meal plan changes to best support individual and collective dietary requirements. Reiki, prayer and mindfulness are integral parts of my work, as they help support the needs of everyone on energetic levels and change the structure of the food to provide healing on many layers.

I love what I do and nothing makes me happier than influencing others to change their diet to best support their body, especially through providing nourishing meals for them and showing them that healthy food can taste good.

I also teach cooking classes on how to utilize food as medicine and how to understand what is best for your body.  Follow me on Instagram @thealchemicalherbalist or join my mailing list to stay up to date with my offerings.


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I can generally be found bouncing between CA and VT
please don't hesitate to reach out to connect!
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