Animal Spirit Medicine

Animal medicine signs and omens are something that has guided me all my life.  I was taught to treat animals with kindness, we always owned them, and we named the ones we didn’t own.  All of their names were “Fred”.  Embodying this deep connection to all sentient beings really opened up the understanding that we are all one.  We are all just living our lives the way we know how, doing the best we can in each of our seemingly similar, yet completely different universes and realities. As a child, I understood the importance of letting the spider out instead of killing it, understood being careful to not step on ant hills (I believed that they couldn’t get back into their homes and it broke my heart) or at least respect these tiny creatures and even respect flies- as annoying as they were- they knew no better than how to navigate this world than we did and meant no harm.  I used to save caterpillars that had half gotten run over by a bike or a car and make little homes for them in shoeboxes, collecting food for them to eat, hoping they'd recover in no time.  I don't think any of them ever actually lived. The instincts and teachings from my parents to treat everyone equally, really hit home for me, and I took it to the next level, always.

Upon moving to California, my ultimate decision and guidance came from a clear message carried from a hawk- this was my first true encounter of when animal guidance presents itself with a clear message.  I was babysitting and decided to sit at a different window than usual to do some research about what there is to do in California.  I never sat at that window, and I asked for guidance on this decision, since I knew it was going to be a big life-change.  A hawk flew by the window, making its underbelly shown to me, to really get my attention, since at first I didn’t know what that flash of white was.  So, curiously, I ran over to look outside to see what it was.  As I peered out, the hawk hopped toward me, eye contact strong, message in hand.  It then flew up and perched on a stoop and the understanding was made clear as the eye contact was never lost.  I knew he had a message for me, and it wasn’t just a bird in the backyard.  Researching his medicine, it signified travel (or at least, that's the message I discovered when I did some research) and changing jobs, which, ironically, I was at my job.  I packed my bags and moved across the country shortly after. This symbol, which soon became the Eye of Horus/Ra has guided me on my path ever since. I know I can turn to this whenever I need.

The other night, a lizard was in our bedroom- one I’ve never seen before in San Diego.  It was almost like a newt or a salamander.  So, I said hi and safely rehomed it outside.  

I had a tarot and animal medicine reading done by an intuitive a couple of days ago and I picked 7 cards.  The last card I picked was a lizard.  I didn’t think much of it, especially since there was so much that came through from the reading as a whole. Later that evening, the same lizard that I let outside, was back inside.  This time, I took notice.  After minutes of trying to get the quick little bugger into a jar to place him outside again, I decided to hang onto him for a little bit.  I looked up his medicine online, I asked friends if they knew anything about lizard medicine and I knew in my core that there was more to this little buddy, Fred, than just a random occurrence.  

What I decided to do, was sit with the lizard and ask to tell me why he showed up at this time in my life.  I held the jar in my hands, got into a meditative space and tuned in to what I needed to understand from him.  The space I was brought to was like nothing I’ve experienced before.  I felt completely alive and awake in a realm that felt like a dream.  I felt like I could navigate this space with complete clarity and aliveness.  I asked, is this the dream realm?  Yes.  Does your medicine help with lucid dreaming? Yes.  How do I work with you?  Ask to help with the dream world before going to sleep, call upon me and ask for guidance.  Amazing, got it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

That night, I asked Lizard to help me with my dreams.  I did not necessarily lucid dream, but I had big messages come through for my purpose and what I’m here to do as well as aspects of how to do it.  It. Was. Powerful.

And this isn’t even where it ends.  The herb that I’ve been diving deep with is also lizard medicine, and I found that out after I looked at this chart I have from a Native American I've been studying with.  Magic.  It all makes sense and is in such alignment.

Lizard has become one of my totem animals and will be connected to often.  Excited for what this medicine has to teach me and guide me on.

Life can be magic if we just open ourselves up to it.

Look around to external messages and omens. Allow them to come to you and communicate with them. Not every lizard, spider, butterfly is going to be a messenger, sometimes they are just there. When you're in need of guidance or an answer and you ask, and something presents itself so bluntly to you, go deeper with the message and give it gratitude for its help along the way.

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