What is a cacao ceremony?

Updated: May 28, 2020

“Ceremony brings the sacred to ordinary life… ceremonies have been universally used to help communities navigate change and welcome new cycles.  Performing ceremonies creates a bridge between the material world we live in and the world of the unseen, the divine, the power of the Universe… ceremony opens a phone line between you and the power of the universe, God, the goddess, the Creator.  Through this line of connection, you can have direct communication between yourself and spiritual forces, creating a partnership to manifest your desired outcome.”- Sandra Ingerman

First of all, what is cacao? Cacao is what chocolate is made of. It's what most people on this planet find joy in consuming, it's what brings us the feelings of bliss and pleasure. In the pure form, it is a bean, grown on the trunk of a tree, harvested, fermented and dried. From there, it is processed into cacao nibs (the skin is removed) and then it's ground down into a paste, which can then melt to make chocolate. Sugar and other ingredients are added to this paste to make a chocolate bar. Pure cacao for ceremonies leaves out the added ingredients and is 100% raw cacao, blended with water.

Cacao can be found 20 degrees north and south of the equator. Much of the historical use of cacao comes from South America, back in the time of the Mayans and the Aztecs. It was coined as "the food of the gods" because of how highly it was revered and honored. The Mayans used the beans as currency (which explains how of value it was for them), so for instance, 1 bean would equate to a chicken etc.

Cacao has the capacity to expand our hearts and therefore our consciousness. It opens us up physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally to embrace a deeper sense of love on all levels. It provides PEA- the love chemical in our brain- most likely why we all LOVE chocolate so much. It is the best food source of magnesium, which is deficient in 85% of us in the U.S and is required for over 300 biochemical pathways within the body. It opens our pineal glands by decalcifying what blocks us from accessing our deepest intuition, allowing us to be more clearly guided by our internal knowing.

When we perform a ceremony, we create a strong link with the helping spirits and the power of the universe that work with us to help manifest our desires.  Ceremonies are used to honor and give thanks to the helping spirits in our lives, they can help us break old karmic patterns and as we do this, we are free to step into a new dimension of life where we can feel unlimited potential of what we can create during our lifetime.

Change happens by performing ceremonies.  It creates change and is transformative in itself, while supporting a sense of greater ease as we experience the transitions of life.- Sandra Ingerman

A Cacao Ceremony is an opportunity to connect to yourself, Creator and to open your heart. Because of cacao’s ability to increase your connection to your inner self and your heart chakra, it aids in any transformational shift you are working towards, whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of who you are, release old patterns and trauma, or move into a more self-confident space. Whatever your path, the intention is yours to set and cacao allows you to the insight and awareness to move towards that goal.  It is a great medicine to be the bridge between you, Spirit and your heart.

When you’re in a state of bliss, there is less resistance to expressing and experiencing love for yourself and those around you.

It is a perfect food to use for manifesting your intention. It opens and harmonizes your heart with your pineal gland, allowing clear visions from your heart’s desire. It opens your heart on physical, spiritual as well as emotional levels, therefore removing blockages necessary to

live in a place of love. Raw cacao also decalcifies the pineal gland.  The pineal gland is known as the“third eye” which, when functioning optimally, can be used as a tool for deeper understanding and for awakening to a higher consciousness. By living through our hearts (ultimately through love) and allowing the inner guidance of our pineal gland, we are able to

tune into our higher selves and follow our paths we are here to live.

Cacao is a perfect tool for this transformation.

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