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Updated: Sep 14, 2019

I'd just like to reflect a little bit about how my feelings are on life currently. I feel like a lot of readers can connect to what I'm going through. I've run into a few people lately that have shared the same emotions, confusion and understanding. There's a deep sense of shifting within our culture and the current structure is about to collapse. Maybe in our lifetime, maybe not. I know many of you feel this way. And it's a good thing. But we are in a weird space of navigating how to live. How do we transition from a monetary-based lifestyle that may not provide time to living that of more freedom, time and financial support? How do we shift our mindsets from that of working for the Man to essentially make money, to live in a house, to support our family and to have no freedom, to that of living a life filled with fulfillment, joy, purpose, love and support? Is it even possible? Are we supported to live what we came here for?

Can we eradicate our fears to make this happen?

Yes. I think so. And it's worth it.

When life is lived with purpose and for the highest good of everyone involved, nothing feels off. A deep sense of inner knowing is available. Joy, patience, love, peace are all accessible all the time when we are living our truths. We are fully supported and the fear dissipates- the fear that we need to make ample amounts of money to support ourselves and save it for the future that may not come. The fear that we need to stay in our meaningless mundane, unfulfilling jobs to just BARELY pay the bills. The life-sucking way of living leaves the moment we say yes to living our purpose- to following the guidance, to being open to receiving what is necessary to live the life we want.

Yes, we have to do the work.

Yes, we have to get out of bed and actually put in time and effort.

We have to show up and we have to show up even more than simply going to the 9-5.

There will be roadblocks and tests along the way- to make sure we really want to do this and to make sure we're building our strength and resilience. To make it so we don't break and to fully be living through a space of gratitude and to be humbled. To know that there are powers way stronger than us, to know that we are not alone and that it really isn't us that makes the ultimate decision for why we're here.

To learn to trust. To trust ourselves and to trust outside of ourselves.

There is nothing like the feeling of living a life filled with purpose.


Everything and I mean EVERYTHING will be provided for if we are doing what we need to be doing. Get rid of the fear. Work on your subconscious. The part of you that is guiding your way, the part that is creating your reality, making your beliefs what they are. Shift them so they are in alignment with your highest good and not out of fear. Do your inner work.

Learn about your darkness and embrace all aspects of yourself.

Love every.



of you


know we are all just human


we are all doing our best.

No one is better than you, you are not better than anyone else. Get rid of the belief that you can't do it. Because you can. And time is running out to make it happen. So be in the silence of true discovery.

Be in the silence of your heart,

sit with yourself and ask.

Ask what?


Spend time in nature where answers become more clear. Give yourself the space to connect to yourself, to nature, to your guides. Have PATIENCE while you wait for them to come. They will. But you need the silence first. Then look for omens, for signs that can show you the way. For signs that you can trust to guide you and follow those. Follow the nervousness you feel in your stomach.

This is growth and expansion.

Without it, you're not actually living. Growth is not comfortable, but what is a life of comfort? How will you change lives if you're always comfortable? Ask anyone famous or anyone that is living their purpose and I'm sure they'll say they're rarely comfortable or at least have gone through a lot of discomfort. The Universe will only provide what you're ready for, so welcome it. All. How will you change your life? How will you show up and inspire others to do the same? How can you inspire your life to continue finding reasons to be living? What is living to you?

Define how you want to live your life and do it.

Put yourself in the perspective of when you're 95 years old and look back on how you're currently living.

What would you change?

What regrets may you have, now that you can't go back and change anything?

Now that your time here on earth is coming to an end? What would you keep? What and who would you cherish? Do that more. Say how much they mean to you more. Express your gratitude for life and those around you MORE.

I'm sure many of you have read these words, written in many different ways from many different people. This is as much for you as it is for me. A complete free-write, allowing the flow to just come through. A reminder to myself, as I get caught up in the drama, in the stress of the uncertainty of how to make this life work and be supported financially. As I get caught up in the biggest question I consistently ask myself,

"Is this right? Am I doing what is right? Should I be doing something else with my life?"

Anyone looking in on my life can see that what I am doing is "right" and I'm sure many other people looking in on your life will feel the exact same way. Because we are! We're doing exactly what we need to be doing all the time. No matter what. And we'll know when it doesn't feel right, and, hopefully, we'll switch to what does feel right and not stay in anything that isn't for our highest good. Growth is uncomfortable and is right. Stay with those feelings. Stay with what gives you life, excitement, what makes you feel MORE ALIVE. This is the guidance. Receiving energy from your life is what needs to be sought after, not staying with what drains you.

Get rid of those of which drain you, they are not there for your highest good.

Surround yourself by those that support and love you.

They are out there. Even if it's 1 person. Just be with that energy, because this is how you'll gain strength and confidence to move forward. Without you, without you living your life with purpose and without you

overcoming fear

it'll take a whole lot longer to get humanity out of the position its in, and I don't know about you, but

I sure as hell am ready.


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