Unraveling Layers of Decep

Lately, I've been sitting and meditating with the rose bushes in our backyard. The practice of tuning in and connecting with nature's medicine is the oldest way of understanding how the plants heal us. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to sit with these roses and receive such a beautiful poem from them. It's so important to spend time with nature and really be still with our surroundings. There's so much to learn, so much healing that happens without our conscious awareness.

Next time you go outside, try to quiet your mind and bring your awareness to your heart space.

Ask whatever plant you feel drawn to if you can spend some time with them, as if they are your elders with so much wisdom to share with you. Acknowledging the plants brings about a whole new relationship with our true selves that is well worth the time.

As I sit with her, I feel her gentleness on my heart.

The unraveling of the layers of deception.

Of the walls we have protectively put up.

Heartbreak after heartbreak.

She gently removes them, one at a time until we return home.

Until we return to our truth.

Until our heart is open.

Until our childlike perspectives consume our reality.


Only when we are ready the layers peel away.

Slowly, peacefully, one by one.

Beauty, elegance, grace.

She protects our hearts as we unfold.

Vulnerability becomes safe.

Loving to all depths becomes safe.

Not a care in the world when she has embraced us, for nothing is as gentle and protective as she.

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