This ceremonial cacao is ground from bean to bar and put into hearts for the ease of drinking at home. It is intended to be used for personal or small cacao ceremonies. These beans come from Venezuela, which is rare to find amongst the ceremonial cacao world. They are organic and fair-trade, ground under astrological occurrences and charged with high vibrational energy.

Cacao has the ability to help shift the vibration within ourselves, as it opens our hearts, releases bliss chemicals in our brains and opens our pineal glands for increased intuitive awareness. Home ceremonies/rituals are a way to more deeply connect to ourselves, the spirit of the plant we are consuming and to help connect us to higher guidance while grounding us at the same time. To get the most from the experience, drink with intention and presence, giving space for the plant spirit to teach you.

'Ritual' is 100% pure cacao; there is nothing added to it.

Enjoy earlier in the day, as it may keep some awake if they are sensitive to the alkaloids that are present.

Allow the benefits of cacao to open your heart, expand your awareness and ignite love from within to radiate to the world.

Ceremonial Grade Cacao