This herbal tea blend was originally created for those who have a traumatic brain injury- to help calm their nerves, open their heart, ease their mind and soothe their gut- when arriving at the LoveYourBrain retreats. It is a blend that is all-encompassing at relieving many of the complaints within the body and mind, specifically for the brain.

This blend is great for anyone- not just those with a traumatic brain injury. It is a great addition to the daily routine of anyone who feels like they need to relax their nervous system while staying cognitively alert. It brings about heart-brain coherence as well as gut-brain coherence, balancing the main systems in our body that govern our guidance systems. It also subtly awakens the senses through cerebral circulation while at the same time, calming the stress-response, reducing the negative impact that chronic, daily stress has on the system.

Ingredients are:
Lemon Balm, Holy Basil, Milky Oats, Skullcap, Rose, Peppermint and Rosemary.

Please consult Primary Care Doctor or Physician before consuming.

Daily Tea