As a Holistic Nutritionist, with a B.S in Nutrition and Food Science, and training in Herbalism, I use my knowledge of the Western approach as well as my knowledge of the alternative approach to create a plan that is personalized for you.  My main focus is guiding you on how to heal yourself, to get back in touch with your true essence, by using food as medicine, re-balancing your gut, optimizing your energy levels and getting your mind and body back on track.  We will be working with the wisdom of the plants, utilizing healing recipes, integrating herbal knowledge as well as spending time in nature, meditation and mindfulness and many self-healing techniques.  I use an integrative approach, combining Ayurvedic Medicine, Medical Intuition, Herbalism, Western Nutrition and Food Science.

As a certified level II Reiki practitioner, I offer energy work as an alternative healing modality.  Energy work heals the body on physical, emotional and energetic levels, helping the client in ways that are extremely beneficial during the recovery process.  It is hands-on or off, fully clothed and all that is required by the client is full relaxation.  In-person and distance are applicable.

There's more to healing than just one aspect and we will be working with them all in a holistic approach.

How it Works


We begin with free initial consultation to make sure everything is a good fit and to get an idea of what's going on with your body.

From there, I'll do an intuitive reading on you to see what comes through about what is going on energetically and to see where is best to begin/focus on.  We then work together to create a plan that works for you, based on realistic goals to add into your daily life.  We make a menu based on foods you like to eat, we incorporate herbal support for your specific needs and we figure out how to get you feeling back in alignment with your true essence, based on what will work best for you.

There is no one-size-fits-all program and I spend as much time as it takes working with  you to make sure you are happy with what we have put together and that by the end of the program, you are feeling more like your true than you have ever felt.

*Payment plans are available for all options.  I also believe we all have the right to be helped on our path, regardless of finances, so I'm happy to work out what works based on income.


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I can generally be found bouncing between CA and VT
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