Haylee LaCroix

Plant Spirit Medicine. Herbalist. Medical Intuitive. Cacao Ceremonialist.

The Alchemical Herbalist

Meet Haylee

Hi!  I am here to help guide you on your path to self-healing and connection to your self through the utilization of food, herbs, intuitive reading and plant spirit healing.

I work intimately with the plant world in many forms and bring years of training to the application of my offerings.

If you feel disconnected from the highest version of yourself and from accessing internal joy and you feel in need of support, then I can help you feel like yourself again.

My Specializations

What I specialize in is what I have personally gone through on my own journey to health.  

"Those who have suffered the most will be our greatest teachers... because they are the closest to the truth of all of our lives." -Jeff Brown

Food allergies

Brain health

Digestion Disorders

Stress & Tension

Autoimmune disorders

Depression and anxiety


"I've had the great joy of working with Haylee in a number of capacities.  She's interned in my gardens working side by side with me for a summer.  She's taught classes on health and nutrition at Sage Mountain, our herbal retreat center, and also at The New England Womens Herbal Conference.  A fabulous cook and creator of fine raw chocolates, Haylee has cooked for several of our events including the WHC.   Simply one of the kindest and lovely young people I know, Haylee brings a sense of joy, intention, and competency to everything she does.  I believe her research and focus on nutrition and herbal supplements for people will provide relief for so many."

Rosemary Gladstar

Herbalist and founder/Director of 

Sage Mountain Retreat Center & Botanical Sanctuary

Orange, VT


"The earth has music for those who listen"

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Carlsbad, CA


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